What is the 20/40/60 principle?

by | Apr 24, 2024

With age comes wisdom, experience. The 20/40/60 principle helps a younger audience see life from the other side of the looking glass. It states “In your 20s, you are concerned about what people think or would say about you. In your 40s, you stop worrying about what people would say about you, and In your 60s, you get to discover that people were not even saying anything about you and your initial worry about what they were saying was irrelevant.” (LinkedIn)

Now, why is this helpful you ask? A lot of us have struggled with growth and change. Let this principle liberate you–It can free you of the thought that everyone is keeping tabs on what you’re doing. Ease up on the idea that you’re living under a microscope. It’s easy to forget sometimes, particularly within your social circle, that what you’re doing doesn’t really matter to others. Everyone’s too focused on the same thing, themselves.

While people may talk to you or about you regarding your life, it’s merely a passing thought. Ultimately, changing your career path or picking up a new hobby isn’t going to rustle anyone’s feathers.

Speaking from experience, it’s good to put yourself out there, to try new things and broaden your horizons! It can open you up to a whole new world. 

It’s easy to let fear take the wheel and deter you from trying something new. In moments of fear, remind yourself that everyone starts somewhere. It’s ok to be new at something, it’s ok to be learning, it’s ok to mess up sometimes. What matters is how you learn from your mistakes! Look at the bigger picture, mistakes help you become better. No one is watching your every move except for you. The only person you should truly be comparing yourself to, is your past self if that’s something that helps motivate you.

Ultimately, the 20/40/60 principle is trying to emphasize living your life for you. Don’t live your life out of fear or for anyone else. Get quiet, listen to your heart (intuition) and Do what satisfies you!

Photo from PxHere