The Dialogues


The Dialogues is a series of 12 lessons that I will guide you through, one at a time. The lessons are called “Dialogues” because you will learn to identify historical automatic thoughts and limiting beliefs, and then compare those with fresh insights and new ways of perceiving the people and events of the world around you. The comparison of these two perspectives – historical and current – results in a very personal, internal dialogue. Each Dialogue builds sequentially on the one preceding it, taking you on a reflective, interactive journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Consistent journaling, affirmations, and introspective exercises are crucial steps in the success of this process. Through these lessons, you also will be exposed to scientific research conducted by neuroscientists and psychologists, and learn about their related findings. These offer concrete support to the fact that you can change your life by physiologically rewiring your brain. As a result of the Dialogue experience, my clients have come to enjoy deeper, more fulfilling relationships, a greater sense of personal satisfaction and contentment, and abundance of successes, such as increased income, stronger personal relationships, and the realization of life dreams.

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