The below list of results came unsolicited from one of my coaching clients. There are no guarantees, but throughout the program, you will find that many of these will become true for you as well.
  1. I can be angry, but control it, and let the emotion pass before I react.
  2. I can better recognize anger.
  3. I acknowledge that anger is a powerful tool that can be used to control other people.
  4. I am now “powered from within.”
  5. I can set boundaries to protect my energy. I’m able to recognize when, why, and by whom my energy is being drained.
  6. I now recognize, understand, and meet my top three needs.
  7. I experience diminished interpersonal conflict, because I am not expecting my needs to be met by others.
  8. I have improved self esteem – I think better of myself.
  9. I can refocus my thinking to be positive.
  10. I am committed to daily journaling, which enables me to recognize, arrange, and direct my thoughts, emotions and actions.
  11. I understand the importance of self care. I now make and take time for myself.
  12. I no longer take things personally, which allows me to communicate and thus receive more from other people.
  13. I can surrender my pride & anger to God on a daily, sometimes minute by minute basis.
  14. I am more grateful for everything, a benefit of less chaos and confusion.
  15. I take better care of myself overall.
To achieve similar, impactful results, all that’s needed is to actively engage with the coaching process and the assignments given.