Four Spiritual Laws

The Four Spiritual Laws below serve as the foundation of the Dialogues. I want to caution you that “spiritual” should not be confused with religion. The Mindset for Success program was intentionally designed to be respectful and inclusive of all religions and beliefs. This is not a religious program. My interpretation of spirituality in this context is actually more pragmatic than you might first think. By understanding and embracing these laws, you will be able to make a mental shift away from being pulled and controlled by the external world. Instead, you will be rooted within yourself, capable of manifesting whatever levels of happiness and success you desire. Grounded in this deeply personal, introspective awareness of self, you will then have the choice of how to leverage that new awareness to positively impact others, and the world that we all share.



Know that you can make things happen, instead of things happening to you. Stop blaming your parents, the government, your boss, your spouse, or anyone else, for your problems and the problems of the world. Accept the responsibility that you need to change.


Changing your negative thoughts can change your life and solve many of life’s problems, without the struggle of trying to change behaviors. This program searches out and uncovers your hidden negative beliefs that may be ingrained and installs new positive beliefs. Whatever you think about, comes about!


Denial of feelings is the culprit in your anger outburst, your lack of energy, and many of your health problems. This program holds your nose to the grindstone and helps you release many of your old grievances and heartaches that still cause problems for you today. Greater production and more energy are the results.


From some recent developments in neuroscience, it has been proven that we are all connected and that we communicate directly, exchanging mirror neurons unconsciously every time we communicate. One small change in one of us impacts us all. Positive emotions are more powerful to change others than negative emotions. In “The Dialogues,” we work to teach you how to be in a positive mindset more often than not.

When you’ve mastered these laws, you will demonstrate spiritual maturity, accepting responsibility for everything that shows up in your life. To learn more about the process of the overall program, please continue reading here.