by | Dec 30, 2023

Are YOU happy to kiss 2023 goodbye? Whether 2023 was good or not-so-good year, we are so excited for the year 2024 Right? Let’s make it The Best. How? Don’t make resolutions–make Goals! (Resolutions have been around since the Babylonians in 2000BC but commonplace since 1671 by a Scot Royal). What is the difference? Resolutions are about INTENTIONS and goals are about COMMITMENT. View the Re-start of the coming 2024 year as a time of Rebirth allowing you to Focus on what you want to accomplish.

Love them or Hate them but Resolutions (and Goals) are on everyone’s mind now. Forget resolutions as they don’t work. Statistically only 8% of all resolutions are keep throughout the year and the majority are broken by January 12. What works? “SMART” GOALS, which goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Trackable. Why set Goals?

  1. They give you HOPE to keep moving and endure. (A Goal doesn’t have to be big to be important. It just has to encourage you to carry on)
  2. Goals are important because they build character. (The greatest benefit to your life will not be your accomplishments but rather what happens inside you while you are moving toward your goal.)
  3. Goals need to be set because good goals will be rewarded. You receive respect and honor from others but more importantly from Yourself!

2024 will automatically be a better year but how can you get more out of it. Less is More. Gain more by doing less in 2024:

  1. Stress Less. Techniques exist to rest your mind from the 24-7 chatter and noise.
  2. Judge Less especially yourself.
  3. Binge Less… food, drinking, smoking, gossip, etc. etc.
  4. Scroll Less.
  5. Fight Less (learn how to move on from conflict, resentments)

No one is in charge of your happiness– Except You. Take the first step and remember only difference between a dream and a goal is a deadline.

Make some goals, keep them, achieve them and you will have a Happy New Year!!


Image by Freepik