Doing the Holidays on Your Own

by | Dec 23, 2023

Not every holiday season can be merry and bright. Perhaps you have lost a loved one, or your relationship has changed. It’s not always possible to be with the ones you love.

Perhaps money is an issue-which has its own challenges. Giving presents for holidays brings cheer but when we can’t give the we’d like, it can feel disappointing.

Being alone on the holidays is not easy, but it’s better than being with someone who is in appropriate.

That said, it’s important to reach out to those who you DO enjoy spending time with, spread some joy and have a laugh or two. The trick to the holidays is being around good people.

If money is an issue this year, start by thinking about what you would do if you could. Then, figure out some way to give yourself some small part of it. For example, if you would like to go to France, but can’t afford a flight, much less a hotel and other travel expenses, then perhaps cook a meal that is French inspired, or watch a video on how they do the holidays in France and try something new.

Having friends over or visiting with others is another way to spend the holidays. Get with people who understand you.

Volunteering is a way to give of yourself. Doing something for others is nurturing the part of you that wants to feel good, and will help you snap out of a bad mood, even if only for a few minutes. Feeding the homeless or visiting a nursing home can bring a change of perspective.

There is a lot of opportunity to focus on the negative during the holidays, but if you can find ways to bring joy to yourself through community and companionship with those you DO have in your life, it can be a blessing. The holidays are almost always better when spent with other humans.

If you are alone this year and don’t want to be, spending time with others even for a short period can lift your spirit.

Focusing on our blessings and remaining in gratitude our thoughts high, and we can then attract more goodness into our lives.

Image by DCStudio on Freepik